Is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test scientific?

Yes, it is scientific. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is based on an understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Embryology. Genetic or chromosomal variances can be reflected as alterations in dermal ridges; therefore, they can be used as an easily accessible tool in the study of genetically-influenced diseases. Many researchers have investigated dermatoglyphics in the fields of forensic medicine, genetics, and anthropology.

Is DMIT a form of fortune telling?

Not at all. It is the scientific study of fingerprints that details the innate core intelligence. Palmistry or chirology is the divination of the future by interpretation of the concave furrows of our palms. The lines of the
palms are not permanent and will change over time.

Is DMIT an IQ test?

DMIT is not just an IQ test, whereas medical experts and researchers
confirmed that fingerprints provide an accurate analysis of humans Multiple Intelligences and their inborn potential. Traditionally, IQ tests are only used as a tool of measurement for a degree of intelligence - present day the system introduces 4 dominant Personality Types, 3 Learning Styles, 8 Intelligences, 10 Intrinsic Potential of Brain and Learning Sensitivity Index. With multiple possibilities of combinations, which reveals the best way to be translated into education, personal, and career success.

What aspect does DMIT help you in as an adult?
  • DMIT helps in both professional and personal aspects of life
  • It helps adults to understand their core strength to perform better at work.
  • To maintain relationships in work place and at home by understanding the communication preferences.
  • To understand the thought process and how to control.
  • Decision making skills and working improving them.
  • To find out what personality type they are (Dove/ Owl/ Peacock/Eagle) and the basic qualities they embody.
  • To know whether your basic nature is rigid/ flexible / dependent
  • To utilize a proven method (up to 95% accuracy) to know your own or your child’s hidden potential - both strengths and weaknesses.
  • To understand whether you are an introvert or an extrovert and how to make the best out of it.
  • Direction for you to change your career if you are unhappy you’re your current profession.
In what aspects does DMIT help you as a parent?
  • Most of the time parents misread children mostly because they are not aware of their child’s inborn individualities (inquisitive, disobedient, unrelenting etc.)
  • To recognize and develop an effective way to relate with your child,
  • based on the child’s inherent communication style.
  • To identify and apply a useful interaction method with your child.
  • Assists children in learning effectively.
  • Strengthens weak points of the child and provide them with an appropriate learning method.
  • One who expresses their thoughts and feelings using body language and prefers to gain knowledge or learn through process and movements are a kinesthetic learner
  • One who has a quick observation/visual differentiation and prefers to learn through reading and observing things are a visual learner
  • One who learns through oral practice or auditory sense and tries to assimilate, organize and arrange oral information is an auditory learner
  • To advise parents to position their child in courses where the set of programs suits the child’s inherent learning style.
  • To remove the ‘trial and error’ state when parents try to make their child learn something without knowing whether the child will be able to understand.
  • Every child is unique and holds different genetic talents
  • To recognize the area of interest for extra curriculum activities or to select courses.
  • To utilize a proven method (up to 95% accuracy) to make known a child’s hidden potential and both strength and weakness.
  • To give parents a closer look into their child’s brain and to groom the child effectively and to nurture the talents they possess.
  • To help parents on focusing on their child’s potency.
  • DMIT is a significant directive for a child to look when they are choosing a university major that best meets their abilities and potential. After the graduation of your child, Dermatoglyphics report will be
  • helpful in providing advice to choose their careers.
How accurate is the DMIT report?

Dermatoglyphics is a professional industry that combines Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Embryology. Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences tests are scientifically proven and the data acquisition process is computerized. Therefore, we can achieve an accuracy higher than 85%. Fingerprint analysis is done both manually and through software.

How will the DMIT assessment benefit me?

Every individual possesses unique qualities and potential. If through
scientific methods, you can understand your innate characteristics and abilities, can nurture them better. Your strengths can be made further stronger, you can work with lot more clarity, same manner the weaker areas can be focused and developed throughout, so that you may not lose that ability. As such, it is vital to give accurate and right encouragement as soon as possible to avoid the weakening of valuable ability.

What happens during the DMIT test?

All you have to do is scan all your 10 fingers on a fingerprint scanner
which scans your fingerprints, which will be analyzed by professionals, and in less than a week you report will be ready. Our report will be of 44 pages long, detailing all the aspect of the individual. The report will
cover your brain dominance, abilities, lobe strengths, learning styles,
quotients, acquiring methods, multiple intelligence and more. A detailing session will be arranged of 2 hrs where the client will be walked through the report after the report is generated.

What is dermatoglyphics?

The term dermatoglyphics, as defined by Dr. Harold Cummins – the
father of Dermatoglyphics, refers to the study of naturally occurring
dermal patterns in the surface of the hands and feet. These patterns
remain constant throughout life and are not altered by disease or age.
Fingerprints are unique for each person; even monozygotic twins do not have the same pattern. Recently, some researchers have claimed a high degree of accuracy in their prognostic ability from fingerprint patterns. Dermal ridges are developed by the sixth week of gestation and reach their maximum size between the twelfth and thirteenth weeks.