What I Do

I am a DMIT counselor (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), NLP practitioner, Life Coach, and founder of VDiscover Consultancy. We are an organization that enables people to recognize the significance of self-realization in achieving their goals.

Who Am I

I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and life coach devoted to help people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. I learned the calling of my life purpose inspiring others when I started my self-search a few years back.

What I Believe

I believe life is about choices we make, knowing why are we here, and living life in accordance with the fulfillment of life purpose. To live life to the completest we need to know ourselves and the knowledge of self gives us the assurance to lead a focused life. As we are the social being we are impacting and serving the world with our purpose and in that manner, we are growing from challenges, opportunities and accumulate more relationships on the way. I also believe everything that happens in life has a reason and the choice is ours whether to adapt and navigate through the hindrances. This is a necessary life skill and can be learned when you have an understanding of yourself. I also believe in the second chance, life give chances, which we have to understand and navigate through, I got mine and I am grateful and is living it to the fullest.

My Story

I know what it feels like to sustain family health challenges and the cost of dreams deferred but achieving what you dream along with family is all. Part of my story begins in the year of 2014 when I was not content and wanted to change my profession to something meaningful. At the time I was working with an IT firm in Oman and was doing quite well, but I just wasn’t passionate about my work.  It took nearly four years to know what was my calling.:  To inspire and help others to live more fulfilling lives.   So I put my fears aside and I took a leap of faith to pursue my dream and my passion. That transformation has led me to help others make intentional choices to live more fulfilling, successful lives.