About DMIT




Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT) being scientific, is the finest way to help parents to make the true choices for their offspring and for adults to take the right action for a successful professional and personal life.

As a result of the decade’s research, scientists and researchers have concluded that it’s understood that a synchronized development between our fingerprints and human brain neocortex.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences ascertains to both the student and teacher the types of intelligence that one can celebrate.  Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences model provides teachers, students, and parents with the confirmation that different students have different strengths and they learn in different ways.  Student’s strengths and preferences affect not only the ease with which they learn but also how they can best represent what they know and understand.    Attempts should be made by all for students to prosper in their desired area of intelligence(s) and be given every reasonable opportunity to strive toward their every passion.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Model does not operate in isolation, except in abnormal individuals, but rather an individual will show a melding of several of them (Gardner, 2006, p. 8). 

VDiscover consultancy enables each student/ individual to delve into the depths of their inner person and explore what it is that defines passion both generally and personally.  We believe that many students/individuals are not given the opportunity to properly explore their inner person and thus they may find it difficult to truly strive toward what it is that has them working in their element.  The futures of each student may be more accurately determined when it is that each child is with the confidence of knowing their passions and thus strength of intelligence and being confident in pursuing their passion.

Armstrong (2009) states that,

Dr. Gardner says that our schools and culture focus most of their attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. We esteem the highly articulate or logical people of our culture.  Dr. Gardner says that we should also place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in other intelligence: the artists, architects, musicians, naturalists, designers, dancers, therapists, entrepreneurs, and others who enrich the world in which we live Unfortunately, many children who have these gifts don’t receive much reinforcement for them in school (para. 2).

This view is shared by Sir Ken Robinson who stated in 2006 that schools are educating creativity out of students.  Additionally, he questions why there is not an education system in the world that considers the Arts to be as important as Mathematics or Science.   

VDiscover Consultancy works with the idea that students have passions that can be drawn from and aligned with the intelligence from Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Model.  VDiscover Consultancy attempts to have students find and share what it is that they are passionate about.  Some students know exactly what they want in life and consciously strive toward it while others are needing a little help in having them discover what it is that they are passionate about.  Sir Ken Robinson gave another presentation in 2010 and mentioned how people make poor use of their talents.  He stated that some people go through life not knowing what their talents maybe, or if they have any to speak of at all.  Robinson then refreshingly speaks about a fireman who knew he wanted to be a fireman from an early age and against all pressures, being told that he wouldn’t amount to anything, set about becoming that fireman he so ever dreamed of being.  However, for many students, their future is somewhat unknown or suppressed and VDiscover is for all students to bring to the surface and be confident in sharing what it is that they are passionate about.  There are too many examples of adults who regret not pursuing a path that they truly believed in because of external pressures or that they didn’t feel that their path was highly valued and the like.

Gardner (2006) states that he believes that our society suffers from three biases:

“Westist” places Western cultural values on a pedestal. Logical Thinking and rationality are important but they are not the only virtues. 
“Testist” focuses on those human abilities that are readily testable. If it can’t be tested, it sometimes seems, it is not worth paying attention to.
“Bestest” whereby any belief that all the answers to a given problem lie in one certain approach, such as logical-mathematical thinking, can be very dangerous.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test delivers a broader understanding of intellectual and behavior patterns. It is used in the field of the educational, corporate spectrum, and personal life enhancements. It also plays a great role in parenting, career guidance, and counseling



  • To meet your true self by discovering the intrinsic potential and core intelligence to recognize your passion.
  • Know whether you are self-governed or people influenced.
  • Recognize your memory triggers
  • Understand the communication preference which helps you to be a quick learner and interactive presenter.
  • Tips to improve learning skills and strategies to improve the future study.
  • Guideline to individual/ parent to know the extra activities to participate in and enjoy.
  • Know your personality
  • Career guidance to the young adults
  • Midlife career change suggestions.
  • Helps in building delightful relation between child and parent, couples, and oneself to have a smooth relation and more.




Toddler (Age 1-4)

During this phase, the brain records an immense number of connections and collections. Also, the brain is extremely active in observations.


Early age help parents make decisions on parenting techniques and educational methods.  

Children (age 4-12)

In this phase, the brain begins to time the unnecessary synapses in an effort to get systematized and eradicate what is not necessary.


Children of this age group are inquisitive towards everything they encounter, they learn and absorb more than when they grow older. This gives an indication of what kind of extra-curriculum activities they should spend more time on by discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligence.

Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25)

This is one of the crucial phases of life, they become more aggressive and involves snipping or information received as the brain begins to focus and build an identity.


It’s very important for them to understand their basic nature and for the parent to nurture to build a confident identity for their journey of life. It also functions as a guideline on what type of courses one should take and also help to discover learning styles to boost one’s learning experience. Significantly, this is the stage where you can decide about the careers, and this act as comprehensive career guidance.

Adults/ Professionals (age 25 & above)

In this phase, one starts discovering new relations, innovative ideas, working for a career and you mature progressively. This is again a major phase of life to build up their living and achieve desired personal and professional success.


It helps you to stay content or start towards a blissful professional aspect by building a career on your core intelligence. It also helps in understanding your partner’s nature, whether it’s a partner or a business partner towards a brilliant relationship. (Good for a business partner to understand the core strength and share the responsibilities). Knowledge of decision making,  communication preferences, leadership quality, or organization helps you to live a smart and effective life.