Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT) is the most scientific way to map your intelligence that for parent (for their children) and adults to make the best decisions for a successful professional and personal life.


Here is your golden opportunity to discover yourself without any worry or bias, from a scientific standpoint, without having to give hours long tests, just from your fingerprints.


Scientists and researchers have concluded that there is a synchronized development between our fingerprints and the human brain neocortex from decade’s worth of research.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences identifies the various types of intelligence that can be celebrated.  Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences model confirms that different people have different strengths and learn or comprehend in different ways.  A person’s strengths and preferences influence not only how easily they understand things, but also how easily they can represent what they know and understand. 

Communication, for example, being the most important aspect of our daily life, each individual has a different communication preference. Knowing you Primary Communication Style alters every aspect of your understanding at work and at home.

VDiscover enables each indiviudal to look deeper into their inner personality and explore what defines their passion, both personally and broadly. We believe that many of us are not given with the opportunity to explore our innate personality, making it difficult for us to find the true element.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test provides a more comprehensive understanding of intellectual and behavioural patterns. It can be used in educational, corporate, and personal life enhancement. It is highly beneficial in parenting, career guidance, and counselling. 


  • Know whether you are self-governed or people influenced
  • To discover your innate potential and core intelligence in order to recognize your passion and meet your true self
  • Recognize your memory triggers
  • Understand the communication preferences to become a quick learner and interactive presenter
  • Tips for improving learning skills and strategies to improve the future study
  • Guideline for participating in activities to find joy
  • Understand your personality type
  • Career guidance for young adults
  • Suggestions for a midlife career change
  • Relationship/ compatiability guidance


Toddler (Age 1-4)

During this phase, the brain records an immense number of connections and collections. Also, the brain is extremely active in observations.


Early age help parents make decisions on parenting techniques and educational methods.

Children (age 4-12)

In this phase, the brain begins to time the unnecessary synapses in an effort to get systematized and eradicate what is not necessary.


Children of this age group are inquisitive towards everything they encounter, they learn and absorb more than when they grow older. This gives an indication of what kind of extra-curriculum activities they should spend more time on by discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligence.

Young Adults (age 12-25)

This is one of the crucial phases of life, they become more aggressive and involve snipping or information received as the brain begins to focus and build an identity.


It’s very important for them to understand their basic nature and for the parent to nurture to build a confident identity for their journey in life. It also functions as a guideline on what type of courses one should take and also help to discover learning styles to boost one’s learning experience. Significantly, this is the stage where you can decide about a career and this act as comprehensive career guidance.

Adults/ Professionals (age 25 & above)

In this phase, one starts discovering new relations, and innovative ideas, working for a career and you mature progressively. This is again a major phase of life to build up their living and achieve desired personal and professional success.


It helps you to stay content or start towards a blissful professional aspect by building a career on your core intelligence. It also helps in understanding your partner’s nature, whether it’s a partner or a business partner towards a brilliant relationship. (Good for a business partner to understand the core strength and share the responsibilities). Knowledge of decision making,  communication preferences, leadership quality, or organization helps you to live a smart and effective life.